Does Your Organization’s Marketing Suffer from
“Chronic Divided Attention Syndrome”?

  • See below to determine if your nonprofit’s marketing efforts are hurt by this common, unproductive pattern . . .
  • Learn what to do to reverse the situation so your 2012-2013 marketing plan operates to its fullest potential . . .


Dear Nonprofit Marketing Colleague:

We’re writing you today because we want to help you and your fellow nonprofit marketing and communications professionals overcome a serious organizational affliction that prevents many nonprofits from achieving their hugely important and specific missions.

Here’s the problem: According to a survey of 200 nonprofit marketers, 60% of nonprofits do not use or have a marketing and communications plan. But they spend a lot of time wishing they had one, and are unsure how to build internal support to make it happen.

And even the organizations that do actually have a plan confess to:

  • Not following the plan.
  • Not funding the plan.
  • Not modifying the plan when the environment in which they work changes dramatically.

Of course, as you well know, there are many reasons why this unhappy state of affairs exists at most nonprofits – this chronic state of divided marketing attention constantly whipsawed to and fro. (More on that later.)

But what are the day-to-day, on-the-ground consequences for organizations operating in this chronically underperforming state of being?

Well, without an effective plan your marketing output is all action and no traction.

When you are “just doing it”—reaching out without taking the steps necessary to make sure you are engaging the right people in the right ways to reach your goals—you’ll never reach them very well.

What you get from the “planless” approach is marketing products: a new page on your website; a quickly redone brochure, or an e-news article written and out the door. What you don’t get is meaningful, measurable impact. (And worse, you may be alienating loyal and prospective audiences by missing the mark.)

Many of you told us via the survey that without a marketing plan, you can’t identify priorities and you have no idea whether your marketing is working. And 89% said that learning (or learning more) about planning (why, to whom, what, when and how to communicate) was either “important” or “critical” to you.

We’re Convinced of the Power of Effective Marketing,
and Hate to See Organizations Miss This Path to Success

We’re Nancy Schwartz (of and Kivi Leroux Miller (of Nonprofit Marketing We’re nonprofit marketing specialists and have had the opportunity to guide thousands of nonprofit organizations to greater impact via powerful marketing through our consulting, training and speaking. We love this work because we love your commitment to your organizations’ critical missions.

There’s just no other way to put it—we’re passionate about the kind of nonprofit marketing you do and about guiding you to get results that surpass what you’re getting today. We’ve been marketing within the nonprofit arena for a long time now, and are more dedicated than ever to shaping the approaches to help nonprofits like you do even better and to bringing them to life. But nothing’s more important to us than helping you build your own marketing skills through workshops, speaking engagements and webinars.

Your organization’s potential is huge.

That’s why we both are constantly taking the pulse of nonprofit marketers like you, so we know what your biggest challenges and successes are right now. And can help you address the challenges and extend the successes.

So, you can imagine how intrigued we were to learn that most of you want an effective marketing plan but don’t have one.

5 Reasons Why a Marketing Plan
is Your Most Critical Success Factor

Through our years of working with thousands of organizations there’s been one common denominator. Time and time again, we’ve seen well-thought-out marketing plans delivering these five benefits to nonprofit organizations of all causes, sizes and geographies.

Reason #1: A strong marketing plan directs your focus and keeps you on a clearly defined path that ensures you make the most of your effort and budget.

Reason #2: A strong marketing plan forces you to articulate concrete, measurable objectives so you, and the decision makers who make staffing and budget decisions, know what you are working towards (critical for buy in) and make the right decisions on how to get there.

Reason #3: A strong marketing plan provides a definitive means of tracking progress (or lack of progress) against stated objectives.

Reason #4: A strong marketing plan doubles as a pithy overview of your work to engage colleagues and funders. Marketing is an all-organization responsibility. But to engage your colleagues (or prospective funders) you need to be able to show them what you’re doing and why.

Reason #5: A strong marketing plan makes it easy to draft your day-by-day work plan. By breaking down the big ideas that comprise the master marketing plan into nitty-gritty execution, you clarify each element for your work plan and define roles and responsibilities. As a result, you’re able to focus on priorities and capitalize on each staff member’s or freelancer’s skill set.

And that’s not even counting the great sense of personal achievement you get when you start implementing a good plan and seeing the results!

How We Propose to Stop Your Marketing’s
“Chronic Divided Attention Syndrome”

When we first put our heads together on how to team up to help nonprofits strengthen their marketing impact, marketing planning was at the top of our list.

You see, we believe strongly in the value of a marketing plan to serve as the foundation of your daily marketing work. The right plan is flexible enough to embrace the changes your organization faces on a regular basis, yet specific enough to guide ongoing implementation.

Now we’ve found a way to help you create this crucial blueprint to work from—The Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop.

Chicago | September 19, 2012

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You’ll find that a clear and comprehensive marketing plan serves as a practical, realistic guide to decisionmaking, saving you and your colleagues time, effort and anguish.

It will help you prioritize opportunities and serves as an “ironclad defense”’ on your decisions as your leadership has approved the plan.

That’s what we’ve mapped out for you to achieve in this one-day, small-group seminar—a special opportunity to find the solutions to your 2012-2013 marketing challenges.

A Powerful Day Filled with Practical, Expert Guidance
and the Opportunity to Think Big

Useful, Refreshing, and Tangible

“A full, well-structured, useful and refreshing workshop! It provided me with tangible and useful guidance, and a time and space to think big.”

~ Amy Wolf, Communications Officer, The New York Community Trust

I Now Know How to Shape Our Marketing Plan
and Transform It into Action!

“As a result of participating in your outstanding workshop, I am re-focused on exactly what I need to do to create an effective marketing plan. And now I know the steps I need to take to transform that plan from paper into actions that are understood and adopted throughout the organization.”

~ Sandra Lundgren, Communications Specialist, Westport Public Library

Take a look now at this overview of The Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop.

Develop a Powerful Nonprofit Marketing Plan
in These 8 Steps!

Your models throughout the workshop will be three nonprofits that exemplify the three most-common market foci. These models will be supplemented with real-life case studies, worksheets and interactive exercises.

But before you even step foot in this intensive, roll-up-your-sleeves workshop designed to get your marketing plan produced, you’ll be asked to complete a brief, but vital, assignment so you’re prepared to get the most from the day.

Worry not! We’ll also provide you with resources, examples and a worksheet that will make it easy for you to draft your organizational and communications goals and related benchmarks.

Then, when you arrive the morning of the workshop, here’s what you’ll be ready to take on, with our guidance:

Establish the Foundation of Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

1. Fine Tune Your Organizational and Marketing Goals: Knowing what you’re moving towards is a prerequisite for getting there. Without that understanding, there’s no way to stay on track or ever get there. You’ll share your goals with the group and we’ll work with you to refine them into what’s doable, but still ambitious and specific enough for your colleagues and leadership to get behind.

2. Define the Benchmarks That Will Let You Know How You’re Doing, and What Needs to Change to Do Better: Our introduction, case studies and worksheets will help you articulate challenging but realistic goals and the right markers to assess progress along the way.

3. Pinpoint the Target Audiences You Need to Engage to Meet Your Goals: Broad strokes aren’t enough when you’re trying to engage people who are already overloaded (and that’s all of us) so we’ll lead you to define no more than three specific audience segments to target.

Then, with details, models and case studies, we’ll introduce you to the concept of personas—mock profiles of the audience segments you need to reach and the best way to “get to know” your target audience.

Based on the model personas we share with you and a step-by-step persona-development worksheet, you’ll break into small groups to craft a persona for one of your audience segments. This persona will be an invaluable guide to engaging that segment, and motivating them to act.

4. Shape Your Call to Action (What You Want Your Audience to Do): There’s no point in beating around the bush in your marketing, but so many nonprofits do just that.

You have to be clear about what your want your audience to do. Just ask them, whether it’s to register online, refer qualified clients or share their stories!

We’ll walk you through shaping productive but practical calls to action for each audience segment. Then, you’ll shape a call to action for each of your audience segments.

5. Articulate the Benefit Exchange – What’s In It for Them – and the Potential Barriers You Face in Motivating Your Audience to Take Action: It’s a breeze to describe your program or fundraising campaign, making clear why it works for your organization. But it’s much rarer that an organization succeeds in effectively conveying what’s in it for its audiences (e.g., “quality family time,” “reduction in loan defaults” or “public recognition for positive changes”).

You’ll learn more about the benefit exchange (what your audiences believes in and values-that you can build on) and what barriers you’re likely to face. We’ll share several examples, and then, using our worksheet, you’ll craft the benefit exchange for the persona you’ve developed.

Next, you’ll dive into the barriers you’ll face in motivating the action, which can range from “parents already have too many choices and time constraints” to “clients don’t feel like their stories are important.” You have to know these cold to surpass them.

With those in hand, we’ll show you how to build on these benefits and/or barriers to shape your call to action. We’ll take on the marketing challenges of two organizations in the room, working as a group to define the benefit exchange for each, then use it to frame a powerful message.

Then Build the House—Marketing Activities and Resources You’ll Need

6. Identify Best Marketing Strategies and Tactics: Now that you have a strong sense of where you’re going and whom you need to engage to get there, you’ll be able to identify the right strategies to use and the tactics that best support each.

We’ll take you through an overview of the main strategies relevant to nonprofit marketers — given a particular target audience and call to action, the best ways to motivate them to act—and share definitions and examples from building awareness on discrimination to increasing program participation and motivating citizens to vote in low-key elections.

Remember that doing and tracking are equally important in the world of nonprofit marketing, and tracking results is a strategy every nonprofit must put to work.

Next, you’ll learn about the full range of tactics and how to choose the right ones for delivering your messages via the strategies you’ve prioritized.

Then, you’ll be grouped with fellow participants sharing similar marketing goals to flesh out the marketing strategies and tactics that will generate the greatest results for your organization.

7. Outline Required Resources — Time, Talent and Treasure: Your marketing won’t move without the required resources. That’s what this part of the workshop is all about.

You’ll build a baseline understanding of the “three Ts” and the vital role each one plays, as well as examples for a few distinct organizations, all reinforced in handouts.

We’ll take you through:

  • Roles and Responsibilities: What needs to be done, who does it, how long will it take and what training or skills are needed.
  • Budgeting: Where to start and how to track expenditures against results.
  • Building support: Here’s where we’ll focus our guidance in this section of the workshop, because nothing is more important. You’ll learn how to get your colleagues, leadership and volunteers to buy in, fund your work and serve as marketing messengers.

As you learn, you’ll build out your required resources and your strategies for harnessing that vital support.

8. Fine-Tune Your Work Plan for the Next 30 Days: We’ve designed this workshop to ensure you walk out with a marketing plan that brings success to your organization, so we’ll finish by working with you to outline your work plan for the next 30 days.

You’ll learn what it takes, practically speaking, in terms of time and effort, to get a marketing plan off the ground from polishing your draft to sharing it, and the process you took to get there, with your colleagues and leadership. And you’ll learn about the typical missteps in bringing a marketing plan to life and how to avoid them as we share experiences doing so with several organizations, each very different from the other.

You’ll start by listing the immediate steps you’ll take the next day back in the office, and those for the following week. We’ll spend some time with you one-on-one to review those first steps, and those you outline at a broader level for the following four weeks.

This plan will double as your promise to making the plan real, and we’ll hold you to it in our follow up calls together!

BONUS: We’ll also provide you with a complete nonprofit marketing planning toolkit.

It’s filled with case studies, guidelines, and worksheets to take you through your organizational marketing plan work.

It’s also an ideal resource to guide you through program- or campaign-specific marketing planning.

Chicago | September 19, 2012

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Just Give Us One Day of Your Time for
The Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop
Plan in a Day—Blueprint Forever

We hope you’ll join us for this intensive, limited-enrollment planning seminar for nonprofit communications and development staff members, board members and executive directors who do it all.

You’ll see this day is going to be different from other workshops or classes you’ve participated in.

You’ll immerse yourself in marketing planning for a day as we help you shed the muddled messages and impossible to-do lists that are pulling you in too many directions and diminishing your marketing impact.

And, most importantly . . . You’ll emerge out with a clear, focused and practical marketing plan that will work for your nonprofit—one that you are fully capable of implementing.

Here’s How We Can Guarantee that
You’ll Leave the Workshop with a Marketing Plan that
Delivers Value for Your Organization

You’ll benefit from this unique learning framework:

  • Expert navigation through the complete marketing plan creation process from nonprofit marketing experts Kivi Leroux Miller and Nancy Schwartz. We’ve written dozens of marketing plans that work for their respective organizations so we know the process (and the common stumbling blocks) inside out. You get the value of our experience.
  • Learning based on real-life case studies of organizations like yours. We’ve drawn these case studies from our own experiences working with organizations that hold the full range of organizational marketing goals from influencing policy on a particular issue to retaining volunteers and motivating program participation.
  • The opportunity to get to know, and work with, a focused group of colleagues practiced in nonprofit marketing and facing similar challenges. Education researchers report consistently that learning with others, particularly in an interactive setting like this one, is the most effective learning there is.

You’ll get to know a group of peers with whom you’ll be working together throughout the day – we’ll create small groups of those with most similar goals – and will take those relationships (and a new group of advisors on your work) with you when you leave.

  • Emphasis on hands-on planning exercises. This packed day of learning will take you through a sequence of hands-on planning exercises designed to build your understanding of each element as you shape a practical but ambitious marketing plan. Doing is the best way of learning, and you’ll have a plan to when you leave.

  • Personal, up-close attention from Nancy and Kivi, two of the most renowned nonprofit marketing planners there are. Workshop registration is limited to a small group (a maximum of 20) in order to ensure we’re able to guide every one of you in the right direction.

You’ll get one-on-one time with us during the course of the day—to brainstorm your way through a daunting barrier, help you envision the best approach to a challenging segment of the workplan or simply to share recommendations on the best way to make your organization’s specific marketing hopes become real.

But that’s not all…the Total Focus Marketing Plan Workshop learning agenda also includes:

  • Well-tested, easy-to-use templates, worksheets and slide decks: This comprehensive portfolio will take you each step of the way as you shape your own marketing plan, introduce it to your leadership and colleagues and bring it to life.
  • Follow-up guidance from Kivi and Nancy to ensure you succeed in bringing your marketing plan to life, as you share, hone and begin to implement your plan: You’ll be invited to join us and your fellow workshop participants in follow-up calls 15- and 30-days post-workshop. We’ll help you navigate obstacles in your way and take live questions.

Chicago | September 19, 2012

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Meet Your Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan
Workshop Experts

Nancy Schwartz helps nonprofits succeed through effective marketing and communications as the publisher of the Getting blog and e-newsletter, and as President of New York City-based Nancy Schwartz & Company (NS&C). Nancy and her team at NS&C have helped hundreds of nonprofits put marketing to work to achieve their missions, including the Corporation for Supportive Housing, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Environmental Health Coalition, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater and the National Center for Biking and Walking.

She speaks and trains on nonprofit marketing and is a board member of NTEN and on marketing committees of her synagogue, high school and local PTA. She holds an MBA from Stern School of Business, New York University and a BA in Comparative Literature from Brown University.

Based in the NYC metro area, Nancy enjoys family time, gardening, cooking/eating, hiking and photography. She is deep into training for her second triathlon!

Kivi Leroux Miller is president of Nonprofit Marketing and EcoScribe Communications, and the author of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause.

Through training, coaching and consulting, she helps nonprofits of all sizes, including one-person communications departments, make a big impression with smart, savvy marketing and communications. She teaches a weekly webinar series and writes a leading blog. She also presents highly-rated in-person workshops on a variety of nonprofit marketing topics around the country. More than 2,500 nonprofits in 50 states, across Canada, and in more than two dozen countries have participated in Kivi’s webinars.

Kivi enjoys writing, hiking, volunteering, vegetarian cooking, and teaching her kids how to bake. After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC, she currently lives in rural North Carolina with her husband, two young daughters, three cats, a dog and countless backyard wildlife.

What Your Colleagues Say
About Working With Nancy and Kivi

Here’s what people have to say about what it’s like to learn with us.

On Learning with Nancy

“Working or learning with Nancy on nonprofit marketing is a pivotal opportunity in a time when opportunity may be the only thing any organization has.”
Kitty McCullough, Executive Director, Manitoga/Russell Wright Center, NY

“Thank you for the Marketing Plan Template. We’ve just completed our strategic plan so are poised to start planning marketing. We didn’t quite know where or how to start and your plan helps enormously.”
Pam Voss-Close, Executive Director, Student Leadership Services, MI

“Thank you for leading our nonprofit branding workshop. I learned much from it and especially appreciated the time you took with each of us to go over our materials and talk over ideas specific to our organization. That was incredibly helpful.”
Elvin Montero, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

“Thanks to your workshop, I finally understand social media and how we could put it to work.”
Lynn Hobeck Bates, Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau, FL

“Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template is an excellent model.  Having gone through an elaborate annual process to adapt our marketing plan to the post-recession recovery environment, you made us realise that we have to be more specific to achieve our objectives. Thanks for the reality check.”
Ralph Penning, Trustee, Independent Business Foundation, New Zealand

On Learning with Kivi

“When we invite a speaker to address our nonprofit community, we’re always seeking that rare mix of inspiration and practical guidance that can be used immediately, plus learning that moves us to higher levels of effectiveness. Kivi accomplished all of this. Her sessions were phenomenal, and our participants are asking for more.”
Susie Bowie, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, FL

“I participate in many webinars and workshops but yours are clearly the best of the bunch!”
Barb McMahon, Pediatric AIDS Canada

“Looking to create a marketing plan and don’t know where to begin (middle or end)? Kivi walks you through the entire process. The whole step-by-step process is so helpful.”
Sheri Booms Holm, West Central Initiative, NC

“Practical, step-by-step guidance for developing marketing plans in the nonprofit world of multiple priorities and shrinking resources.”
Cindy Sink, Wake Health Services, NC

“Thanks so much for joining the faculty at the MOWAA Annual Conference. You’re a very engaging educator who keeps participants engaged from start to stop. Our attendees have told us how much they learned from your courses and how useful they found the handouts for post-session learning.”
Magda Hageman-Apol, Meals On Wheels Association of America

Chicago | September 19, 2012

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Register for Only $697

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The Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop
6-Month Risk Free Guarantee!

Organizations that have a comprehensive, realistic marketing plan do more and better marketing than those that don’t. That’s the core finding generated from our research.

That’s the reason we hope you’ll register today for the workshop, and the reason we can make this guarantee. We want your workshop participation to be completely without risk.

Give the workshop your all—complete the pre-workshop assignment, give us your total focus and energy and take up to six months to execute the plan you’ve developed.

If at that time, you’ve fully implemented the plan but you don’t think the workshop has grown your own skills or the marketing impact of your organization, then please let us know. We’ll refund your registration fee 100%. Guaranteed.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Your New Marketing Plan -
The One That Makes a Huge Difference for
You, and for Your Organization

It’s really easy to get started on your new marketing plan.

Now is the time to propel your organization’s marketing forward with a smart marketing plan.

This results-oriented immersion workshop is designed to help you build the marketing plan that will enable you and your colleagues to get the job done. And to get it done in a way that far surpasses what you’re doing now.

But that’s not all. You’ll discover that the skills you learn in the Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop can be put to work to develop marketing plans for each program, service and product your organization offers. And you’ll be helping your organization to meet its mission as you hone your own marketing expertise.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity

There’s never been a more vital time to ensure you’re making lasting connections with the people you want to engage as donors, volunteers, program participants and citizen advocates.

If you were satisfied with your marketing results, you wouldn’t be reading this page. So we urge you to take control of your destiny right now and commit to improving your marketing impact by joining us to develop a powerful marketing plan for your organization.

As we mentioned, the workshop is designed to be an intimate learning experience so there are limited seats available. However, we will keep a waiting list in case registrants find they aren’t able to make it. And, if demand indicates, as we think it will, we will offer the workshop again.

Please take advantage of this special risk-free invitation to participate in the Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Workshop.

There’s never been a more important time to make sure you’re putting your resources to work in the right way.

Chicago | September 19, 2012

The First 15 People to Register Save $100
Register for Only $697

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All the best,

Nancy Schwartz 

Nancy Schwartz
Publisher, Getting
President, Nancy Schwartz & Company

Kivi Leroux Miller 

Kivi Leroux Miller
President, EcoScribe Communications and
Nonprofit Marketing

P.S. We’re eager to answer your questions. Please contact our workshop coordinator, Kristina Leroux, at or (334) 246-1712. If she can’t answer your questions, she’ll forward your message on to us.

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