Maid Malaysia Targets 100% Customer Satisfaction

How the Best Maid Agency in Malaysia Strives to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customers have been the pillar of a business. In the maid services industry, it is very important not only to gain the customer’s trust but also delivering quality service where the client can feel assured with the agency that they have opted for. With all the challenges faced over the years, Maid Malaysia does not seem to show any sign of slowing down.

Maid Malaysia’s Goal: Is it Even Achievable?

Of course, striving for perfection has been the goal not only for individuals but also corporations. A successful business has always been tied up with happy customers, as it maximizes the customer’s lifetime value too. Within the context of maid industry, Maid Malaysia will be facing quite a challenge as they will be dealing with many restrictions from the government, the issues with maid’s performance, and different standard set by different customers too.

When asked, all Maid Malaysia would say is that they feel the urgent need to set such a difficult goal to attain for themselves. Since one of the visions of Maid Malaysia is to become the ultimate connector between clients and the foreign workforce, they had to raise the bar for themselves.

In answering the question on whether their goal is even realistic, they acknowledge that there may be no such thing as a true perfection. However, setting the right KPI in order to obtain a high customer satisfaction index will always be necessary.

Maid Malaysia | Maid Agency in Malaysia

What About the Competition?

To them, it does not matter how their competition is performing. If they were to compare themselves to other maid services industry players, Maid Malaysia felt that it would put them in a false state of self-assurance. Knowing their own ability to become the pioneer, the only one the agency would be competing with is themselves. The founders have put such mentality and nurture this value into each and every personnel in the organization in making sure that every demand and request by the clients is to be fulfilled, above and beyond the call of duty.

With that, let’s see how Maid Malaysia is going to perform from this point forward. If you are looking for a maid agency, feel free to visit

Al-Muslihin Herbs Tidak Gentar Persaingan Sengit

Tahap Persaingan Tinggi Industri Menjual Produk Herba Tradisional Tidak Merunsingkan Al-Muslihin Herbs

Sudah diketahui umum bahawa industri perubatan tradisional dan herbalisme kini sedang berkembang pesat. Dengan wujudnya syarikat-syarikat besar dan juga pengusaha kecil, pengguna kini telah mempunyai pelbagai pilihan untuk membeli produk yang diingini. Pada kebanyakan masa, ia boleh menyebabkan kekeliruan kepada pengguna juga untuk memastikan produk yang dibeli adalah yang terbaik dan paling berkesan. Pada waktu inilah penjenamaan yang baik memainkan peranan yang sangat penting.

Al-Muslihin Herbs pula adalah salah satu daripada ribuan pengusaha produk herba tradisional di luar sana. Dengan memasarkan produk-produk seperti herba untuk merawat resdung, gout, dan juga buasir, tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa terhadap persaingan dengan jenama-jenama lain. Namun begitu, menurut Al-Muslihin Herbs, perkara ini tidaklah menjadi satu kerisauan kerana mereka yakin bahawa mereka mampu mengatasi pesaing. Berikut adalah beberapa faktor yang dipegang Al-Muslihin Herbs yang dikatakan boleh meletakkan mereka di hadapan.

Al Muslihin Herbs Produk Herba Tradisional | Ubat resdung, Bout & Buasir

Produk Yang Berkualiti Tinggi

Terdapat banyak produk di luar sana yang tidak berkualiti. Hal ini sememangnya lazim berlaku dan sangat dibenci pengguna. Terdapat yang kes yang telah dilaporkan malahan telah tular di laman sosial bahawa kejayaan sesuatu produk itu tidaklah lebih daripada hanya kerana taktik pemasaran yang baik. Setelah dicuba, pengguna tidak dapat merasakan hasil sepertimana yang diiklankan.

Manakala, Al-Muslihin Herbs pula adalah satu jenama yang diasaskan oleh penghidap penyakit itu sendiri. Oleh kerana mereka lebih memahami pesakit atau pelanggan mereka, Al-Muslihin Herbs telah pun bertungkus lumus untuk memberikan produk yang terbaik di pasaran. Setakat ini, ramai yang telah mencuba dan sangat berpuas hati dengan produk yang diambil.

Khidmat Pelanggan Yang Baik

Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa hubungan dengan pelanggan adalah salah satu daripada tunjang yang menyumbang kepada kejayaan sesuatu jenama. Dengan adanya Al-Muslihin Herbs di laman sosial dan platform-platform lain, mereka senang untuk dihubungi pengguna sekiranya mereka memerlukan bantuan mahupun panduan pengambilan ubat-ubatan herba yang dicuba.

Taktik Pemasaran Yang Mengutamakan Pengguna

Berbeza daripada pesaing-pesaing yang menggunakan taktik yang menekankan penjualan produk, Al-Muslihin Herbs telah membina strategi pemasaran yang memberikan manfaat kepada pengguna. Bagi mereka, konsep word of mouth adalah strategi pemasaran yang terbaik. Oleh itu, mereka menfokuskan kepada memberikan nilai yang tinggi kepada pengguna. Selain daripada ubat-ubatan dan herba yang dijual, mereka juga aktif memberikan tips pemakanan dan gaya hidup sihat kepada pengguna di luar sana.

Matlamat Jangka Masa Panjang

 Al-Muslihin Herbs menitikberatkan prestasi jenama mereka sendiri untuk jangka masa yang panjang. Meskipun mereka masih di dalam proses membina jenama untuk bersaing dengan jenama-jenama besar, Al-Muslihin Herbs yakin mereka akan mampu mencapai matlamat untuk menjadi jenama produk herba tradisional terkemuka bukan sahaja di Malaysia, malah di seluruh rantau Asia.

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Aliff Mazli on the Line Between Sales & Marketing

Malaysian digital marketing expert’s opinion: “Marketer” or “Salesman”, does it really matter?

Business can’t grow without marketing. It has been a well-known fact, that even intellectuals like Nassim Nicholas Taleb accept it. In his book “Fooled by Randomness”, Nassim Taleb pointed out that while marketing is everything, most people don’t even know how to sell themselves. So, only with a proper marketing strategy one can sustain and scale their business. Nowadays, digital marketing has been the main topic of conversation among brands and agencies, and never-ending debates have been going on between traditional and technological marketers on which one is better.

To make things even worse, instead of focusing on getting customers, there are marketers and salesmen out there who are too busy to try and define their own scope of work. Why does this happen? It’s pretty simple: marketers consider themselves cooler as their work is more on “marketing” and strategizing, while salespersons have to approach the potential customers and get them to convert. Which such a confusion, we seek for the opinion of a digital marketing expert based in Kuala Lumpur, Aliff Mazli, on sales and marketing.

Aliff Mazli Digital Marketing Consultant Malaysia
Aliff Mazli

Sales & marketing: where’s the line?

Most people might get confused between sales and marketing. “Where do you draw the line?”, most people ask. Through time, many experts tried to define the line and most of the time, it is separated by portions on the sales funnel. Previously, marketers have to create awareness, and the salespersons will generate lead and close sales. Now, it has been very much different, as marketers tend to be the one creating awareness, generating sales lead, pitching the client; and the salespersons (or in the professional world, they are often called “Business Development Managers”) will come in on the very last step to close the deal. In general, this is how most people separate the line. But to Aliff, it is such a wrong thing to do as their functions are basically overlapping.

Digital Marketing Consultant Malaysia

Why are people so desperate to draw the line?

Based on Aliff’s observation, the society in Malaysia is desperate to draw the line simply because of the misconception. Previously, salespersons are known to be people who do direct-selling, knocking one house door to another in order to get people to buy their product. Since this method is actually a hard-selling method, the sales profession had lost its elegance to those who do not really know how to properly showcase their product by using the simple method of feature (what the product is about), benefit (how it can help the customer) & tie-down (gaining confirmation of purchase properly).

With all the false stereotype (perhaps those people haven’t heard of great salesmen like Grant Cardone), marketers begin to draw the line and put themselves in a separate category. To them, their line of work is somewhat more professional compared to doing sales. Little did they understand that sales are what generates income for the business.

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What to do now?

Aliff urges us not to waste our time and worry about this. In business, we’re not supposed to be like grammarians who love grammar for the sake of it. Instead, we should be quants – meaning those who employ grammar to only make sure that our communication is delivered properly. Well, grammar Nazis will certain hate you, Aliff! To him, we should be focusing on the result and not waste your precious time to comment on the client’s poor grammatical performance, such as using “your” instead or “you’re”.

The main point that Aliff wishes to put forward is that sales and marketing work in a symbiotic manner and needs each other. Most of the time, one party might encroach on the other’s side. While it may cause some confusion, in reality, it does not really matter. Therefore, as long as you are making money, just go ahead with it do not worry whether you’re considered as a salesman or a marketer. Ironically, years ago, even Aliff himself used to work as a Sales Marketing Executive in a company where there are 2 separate divisions that do Sales and Marketing.

For all he cares, Aliff is a salesman that does marketing.