Sports That Are Hardest on Your Knees

4 Sports That Are Hardest On Your Knees

As an athlete, you are aware of the kinds of aches and pains that can happen to your body after long periods of practice. It is true that playing sports is good to improve endurance and build muscle, but the flipside can also mean that it may strain certain joints and parts of your musculoskeletal system.

As most sports are played standing and require lots of running about, the knees often get impacted the most. Read on to know more about the four common sports that are bad for your knees.


Knee Guard for Running

Everyone knows long-distance running is harsh on your knees, especially if you are an avid runner who goes out 3 to 4 times a week. The best way to counter this is by doing cross-training as a proactive approach to prevent possible knee problems that may otherwise more easily occur.


Ebene Knee Guard for Basketball

This sport is particularly bad for the knees due to excessive sprinting and sharp pivots throughout the game. Playing basketball for a long time will likely expose you to knee and ankle pains; the best you can do is to play it in a gentler and more controlled manner.


Ebene Knee Guard for Tennis

The equally swift pivots demanded in tennis are also hard on your knees, which leads to potential injury over the long run. Softer foundations like grass and carpets are kinder on the knees, so you should always make the most effort to play in such settings.

Football (Soccer)

Ebene Knee Guard for Football

Possibly the biggest culprit of knee injuries in the world of sports due to overextension of the knees when running and kicking the ball. There is almost no way to prevent injuries with this full contact sport, but steps can be taken to reduce such risks by physiotherapy and cross-training to strengthen the joints.


It’s not all that bad; most athletes continue to excel in their respective fields with extra support from wearing knee guards and other kinds of preventive apparatus. If you’re looking, the brand we’d recommend is Ebene as they are the market leader in such products in Southeast Asia. You can click on this URL to visit Ebene Malaysia’s website for more information regarding their products: