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6 Alternative Attractions To Visit in Penang


Penang is known to most as a food heaven, but it actually has so much more to offer. Indulging in local cuisine is surely at the top of your agenda, but you also can’t possibly leave the place without observing the pleasantries of our top six underrated picks below!

Harmony Street

It stretches along the famous Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and is a melting pot of Malaysian culture, evident from the many places of worship scattered across the area. There is no religious exclusivity here as you will find a diverse crowd of devotees from all walks of life.

Street Murals

The latest craze that started a few years ago where murals were springing up in public on shophouse walls all around Georgetown. The street murals surged in popularity and became a legit tourist activity because there were so many and finding them all easily occupied an entire day. Consequently, the little town had become quite an arts hub for locals and foreigners alike.

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Ghost Museum

Get to know a fascinating part of Asian culture, or superstition as I like to call it. Getting to see physical representations of how they are perceived intrigues even me, a local. I personally loved reading about the legends and myths of each one. Being a skeptic, I still found them incredibly entertaining.

Interactive Museum

The concept of 3D museums aren’t exactly new, but Penang’s version is uniquely localised, which I think really sets it apart. The exhibits are filled with themes of Malaysian food, traditional architectures and everyday life. They’ve even got the current Chief Minister of Penang as part of the collection too. Whatever it is, you’re going to have a great time having your photo taken there.

holiday inn penang interactive museum

ESCAPE Theme Park

Take a break from eating and sweat it out at this cool recreational facility. This theme park was just opened in 2012 and is still in relatively good shape. Release your inner child by participating in tower climbing, balance beam walking, free falling, and more. I thoroughly enjoyed monkeying around, so I believe you would absolutely love this too.

Ferringhi Beach

There’s no denying the awesomeness of Batu Ferringhi. It has got great beaches and a vibrant nightlife. I’m a local from Kuala Lumpur, so I stayed at Holiday Inn Penang Resort for my recent trip. It was good, tranquil, and the drive to Georgetown was beautiful. Simply look up their website at for special offers and resort facilities.