Communicate with Job Candidates

Why You Should Communicate with Job Candidates

The hiring process can be an overwhelming task for recruiters, especially when they have to go through stacks of resumes and lists of candidates. When you are dealing with such a workload, it can be tempting to ignore the unqualified candidates.

However, not having proper communication can cause terrible candidate experience. The results are candidates having a negative impression on your company and possibly never applying for your organization ever again.

Just like in any relationship, communication is essential. Below are reasons you should remember why communicating with job candidates matters the next time your hire with JobsDB.

Job candidates are humans too

Imagine applying for a job position and never hearing from the company, how do you think the candidates will feel? There are no doubt candidates will feel discouraged and hurt, or wondering if their application is received at all.

Even if candidates are unqualified for the job, we should always respect candidates for their interest and invest their time in applying.

Be sure to send updates to candidates regarding their recruitment progress even if you are busy. It can be short and sweet, but make sure the messages are not just copied and pasted templates. You want to sound like a human, not a robot.

Communicate with Candidates

Candidates deserve to know their strength and weaknesses

You should always give meaningful feedback based on their interview regardless if they are suitable for the job position. Candidates deserve to know how well they did to improve themselves.

Tell them how they did on the spot and in person. Doing so shows them you care about their career growth, even if they might not be the right fit for the company.

Recruitment should be a two-way street, where the employer and the potential candidate continually exchange feedback. It’s all about building relationships between people, and business depends on people.


Although you might have to reject candidates, they will be grateful for responding and being transparent. Having a meaningful communication with candidates bring benefits to both candidates, your company, and society. It is part keeping the candidate experience great.

Reach out to potential candidates and build meaningful relationships today with JobsDB via today.