Meet Nancy & Kivi

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We’re a couple of passionate bloggers, conquering and filling the world with content that we hope would change people’s lives, one blog post at a time while working a full-time job.

So, who’s that quirky couple on the other side of the computer screen?

We’re a couple in our mid 30’s currently living in Cheras, who have already seen quite a part of the world over the last couple of years. How do we do it? By thinking out of the box when it comes to destinations and smart planning so it becomes possible to travel long distances for short periods of time!

As kids, we never had the chance to travel to exotic destinations and try out interesting stuff. In fact, we both never travelled beyond Peninsular Malaysia. But even at a young age, we knew the world had much more in store for us. At night, our heads were filled with dreams of travelling, exploring, getting to know new cultures and even of someday living somewhere abroad (Singapore would still count, haha). We were… and still are… dreamers!

And then, one night in June 2009, we fell hopelessly in love. Encouraged by our shared dreams we started our adventures together and are having the time of our lives! Travel has been such an important part of our lives, we even decided to make it part of our wedding in 2012.

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