Fireflyz Airline Malaysia

Fireflyz: More Than Just a Budget Airline

Fireflyz, the popular low-cost airline in Malaysia is more than what meets the eye. Renowned for their reliable service when operating flights locally and regionally in the South East Asia region at affordable prices, this no-frills airline cares more about people than anyone could have expected. We are sharing with you some of the things that makes Fireflyz the airline we will always root for, whenever possible.

The People of Fireflyz itself

Fireflyz Airline Stewardess

Creating memorable experiences for the people that choose to fly with Fireflyz is what makes it all happen. In the company, all personnel is taught to cultivate professionalism, hospitality, as well as the highest standards of work ethics. As a result, they have succeeded in showing exemplary service levels that foster loyalty to the brand.

Recently, Fireflyz had also launched a series of videos on their official Youtube channel, knowns as “Firefly Orange Crush”, where they feature the beautiful ladies that became the faces of the airline. This is a really good move for Fireflyz as it gives a chance for the public to get to know the people behind the brand better – and what matters most, it truly makes the airline company looks more human.

The way Fireflyz Operate

It is amazing how Firefly strives to go beyond the call of duty, which can only stem from passion inside the company to provide the best service possible.

Always Giving Extra Value

This airline company does not only stay true to its core brand positioning as the budget airline by offering cheap plane tickets, but they also give more to the customers. For example, they have created a policy that allows every single customer to have up to 20kg for baggage allowance for free!


Organisation, discipline, and inspiration by internal operations, has helped to run things accordingly and smoothly giving customers and shareholders to a peace of mind. Proven by the years of successful operation, the business model seems to work fine as it suits the needs of the customers perfectly.


Company shoulders full responsibility for customer’s happiness and doesn’t allow any compromise of standards that could affect the customer’s expectations. You will be able to validate this as you actually give Fireflyz a go. The standard of hospitality in flight by the kind stewardess is very pleasing.

Endless Innovation

Never resting on their laurels, with new technologies and connectivity channels rising, Firefly is always looking to improve their offering to meet the modern needs of today. This is why you’ll notice how the technologies and systems they use in operation or even connecting with customers via marketing are constantly changing in parallel with technology advancement.

That Time Fireflyz Made A Great Impression on Us

We saved the best for last.

Other than the company’s commitment to providing exemplary hospitality, Fireflyz is at the heart of communities. Attending to social needs when tragedy arises or a lack of attention towards social injustice. Want a proof? Here we have it, an event that took place 3 years ago but remains a wonderful memory in our minds.

In December 2014, disaster had struck in Kelantan, flooding major parts of the state. Food, clothes, clean water and aid was needed. As an answer to the helpless in Kelantan, Firefly Airlines in partnership with the Star and MRCS (Malaysian Red Crescent Society), volunteered to help by using all available cargo space on its daily flights to Kota Baru and Kuala Terengganu to provide boxes of relief and food items, donated by generous Malaysians around the country.

Fireflyz During the 2014 Kelantan Flood
Photo courtesy of The Star

Personally, we were also involved with the operation at the time under OSCAR Mission team, an NGO that was supported by caring folks and the people of Peugeot Malaysia. At the time, we were even attended by the airline’s pilots personally who were willing to work together, ensuring that the food and essentials supply flown from Subang Skypark can safely arrive there.

This event is the trigger that moved us to share the story and promote the airline that strived to be more than just a business, but a pioneer for how corporate entities should go beyond their call of duty. Yes, of course, complaints will always be there, and sometimes unexpected things happen, but to us, it’s just all in a day’s life. We should always strive to go beyond that and be able to see the greater picture. In this case, it’s an airline with a heart that serves the community.

So, every time you’re thinking of flying to your favorite destination, why not consider Fireflyz? 🙂