Protect Your Home with These 6 Steps

Keep Your Home Safe With These 6 Tips

Break-ins are a common occurrence that happens to even the best of us. Despite enormous efforts on the part of our law enforcers, crimes such as these are hard to anticipate and eliminate. For that reason, we should take the safety of our homes into our own hands by applying appropriate measures outlined below:

Lock all doors and windows

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Unlocked homes are very easy targets as the hardest part is out of the burglar’s way. Never take it for granted and leave your home unlocked, even for a brief moment. Doors aren’t the only passage into your home. Windows are just as much a red flag, so be sure to put a lock on all your windows.

Another tip is to also get a lock for your power supply to prevent it from being tampered with, and to never leave any kind of home key in your car.

Hold your keys close

Lending your keys to casual acquaintances and trades people like electricians and plumbers is hazardous to the security of your home. Keys can be easily duplicated, so all it takes is one bad apple to “clean out” your home.

Fortify your home

As most homes are invaded through doors or windows, mere locks are probably not enough. Protect your fort better by installing shutters and grills, and deadlocks for your main door. These will discourage burglars from attempting to enter your home because their obstacles will be more difficult and complex.

Minimise cover

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, it is a good idea to ensure a clear line of sight from your street. Trim down on plants and bushes that may obstruct your view, report on neighbourhood street lamps that aren’t working, and have motion sensor lights installed. Those are really useful because you will notice if something is amiss immediately.

Keep a low profile of your valuables

Make every effort to hide things of considerable value from sight, especially from the outside. You should periodically step out and peer into your home like a burglar to see if there are things you should reposition to keep from view.

Get home insurance

As we said, you should take measures to protect your home although unfortunate events can still happen. A good tip is to make an inventory of all the valuables in your home, so that they may be readily submitted to an insurance agent and police in case of a break-in, in addition to subscribing for a home insurance. You may check out AIG Malaysia for basic and comprehensive coverage for your home.

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