Maid Malaysia, the Maid Agency Targeting 100% Customer Satisfaction

How the Best Maid Agency in Malaysia Strives to Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customers have been the pillar of a business. In the maid services industry, it is very important not only to gain the customer’s trust but also delivering quality service where the client can feel assured with the agency that they have opted for. With all the challenges faced over the years, Maid Malaysia does not seem to show any sign of slowing down.

Maid Malaysia’s Goal: Is it Even Achievable?

Of course, striving for perfection has been the goal not only for individuals but also corporations. A successful business has always been tied up with happy customers, as it maximizes the customer’s lifetime value too. Within the context of maid industry, Maid Malaysia will be facing quite a challenge as they will be dealing with many restrictions from the government, the issues with maid’s performance, and different standard set by different customers too.

When asked, all Maid Malaysia would say is that they feel the urgent need to set such a difficult goal to attain for themselves. Since one of the visions of Maid Malaysia is to become the ultimate connector between clients and the foreign workforce, they had to raise the bar for themselves.

In answering the question on whether their goal is even realistic, they acknowledge that there may be no such thing as a true perfection. However, setting the right KPI in order to obtain a high customer satisfaction index will always be necessary.

Maid Malaysia | Maid Agency in Malaysia

What About the Competition?

To them, it does not matter how their competition is performing. If they were to compare themselves to other maid services industry players, Maid Malaysia felt that it would put them in a false state of self-assurance. Knowing their own ability to become the pioneer, the only one the agency would be competing with is themselves. The founders have put such mentality and nurture this value into each and every personnel in the organization in making sure that every demand and request by the clients is to be fulfilled, above and beyond the call of duty.

With that, let’s see how Maid Malaysia is going to perform from this point forward. If you are looking for a maid agency, feel free to visit