The Pros and Cons of Bezel-less Phones

If you haven’t noticed, the new iPhone X has a screen size that fills up the whole phone. The frame of the phone is minimized dramatically due to this design. Although the iPhone X is only slightly larger than the iPhone 8, the screen size is significantly bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus.

This is described as being bezel-less, but what does that mean?

What is a bezel?

An easy way to describe the bezel is the frame around the photograph. The bezel is the area that surrounds the screen of your phone.

The latest technological trend is to create the biggest and best possible screens on our smartphones, and both Apple and Samsung have pushed up the maximum possible size with the iPhone “Plus” series and the Samsung Galaxy Note models. By decreasing the size of the bezel, manufacturers can increase the screen size.

Pros of bezel-less

Although the term bezel-less, it refers to less bezel rather than no bezel at all. A bezel is still required around the screen as it adds structural integrity.

By narrowing the borders around the screen, this leads to a bigger screen size even if it’s a smaller phone. When you replace physical buttons with more screen, the results are the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Cons of bezel-less

However, with more screen size on the phone, this means there is more space for your fingers to tap on even if you no intention of tapping at all. This also means there is less room for your hands to hold your phone without touching the screen. This leads to accidental scrolling and tapping just because you changed your grip.

If you are a fan of phone accessories like the phone case, you might also lose the appeal of a bezel-less phone when you wrap a case around phones like the Galaxy S8 Plus.



There is a rise in bezel-less designs. This is evident in smartphones, TVs, and monitors. In the future, there is a possibility of no bezels at all.

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