Budget Smartphone with Grea Features to Buy

Underrated Budget Smartphones You Should Know About

The mobile industry continues to evolve with time as more and new outrageous features continue to make us awe in amazement. The new iPhone X certainly had people gobsmacked with the new face recognition sensor and all screen display which proves to be a significant upgrade from the iPhone 7 and new 8 model. It is no wonder the iPhone X is priced at a record-breaking price by Apple for their popular handphone. However, with new technologies integrated and new innovations made, one thing’s for sure – the price of smartphones will continue to rise with it.

So what does this mean for us if smartphones are going in the direction of cutting-edge technology at the cost of a limb? Well lucky for us, outlets today allow you to pay in installments or be tied to an affordable contract plan with various phone networks. Although these prices could still prove too steep for some, another alternative is to look at the other smartphones in the market that could practically do the job of an iPhone, just without the unnecessary fancy gizmos! Behold, the smartphones you may not have heard of such as Oppo, Vivo, Nubia, and Infinix. Created in Asia, the prices of these phones are certainly a lot friendlier to an iPhone but may prove to be the best Android phone for a value you could ever own.

A Closer Look at Underrated Smartphones: Oppo, Nubia, and Vivo

Oppo Smartphones

Budget Smartphone - Oppo

Let’s take a closer look at one of these underrated smartphones. For the price you pay, you’ll be surprised that there are in fact a lot of hidden qualities that these phones can offer. For the example of Oppo, their design is ergonomic and crafted from special bead-blasted aluminum and a faux carbon fiber back plate that makes Oppo phones easy to hold. As a result, the phone provides a good level of protection, faster performance and longer battery life as useful perks.

Have You Heard of Nubia?

Budget Smartphone: Nubia

Another quality of our underdog smartphones is the display offered by Nubia. The Nubia Z11 features an eye-catching display that would make the giants at Apple and Samsung look over their shoulders. The pixel density is 403 PPI, which means the display is very bright, with saturated colors and plenty of sharpness. For reading texts, watching videos, and playing games, Nubia has made it an enjoyable experience especially with the ‘no bezel’ on the left and right sides (similar to the Samsung Note model), that was achieved by curving the sides of the screen down.

Behold Another Contender: Vivo

Vivo V7 Plus Malaysia
Latest smartphones introduced by Vivo Malaysia: Vivo V7 and V7+.

Superb Camera

When you thought the camera quality of Samsungs and Apple phones wouldn’t be defeated, well think again! Because Vivo has uniquely positioned themselves as the best smartphone camera. Their branding and advertising activities have been focused on selling their phones with impeccable quality to capture your best ‘selfie’. One of Vivo’s products as an example, Vivo V5, is equipped with a 20MP front camera (Sony IMX376) with a moonlight flash for an ultimate moonlight glow to capture the perfect selfie. In addition to this, their innovative feature of a ‘face beauty mode 6.0’ enhances your portrait photo to take stunning selfies even in poorly lit locations.

Blazing Fast Software

The software of the Vivo V5 is called the Android marshmallow based Funtouch OS 2.6, which is loaded with customizable options and yet feels easy and intelligent. You can conveniently drag quick-settings, pick multiple themes, switch to an eye-protection mode, and enjoy extensive gesture mechanisms similar to that of the Apple iPhones. A key feature of Vivo smartphones is the Smart Split 2.0, that makes multitasking much faster. So whenever in the instance you’re watching a video and a message happens to come in, you can actually have the option of splitting the 5.5-inch screen in two and thus simultaneously attend to both things at once.

Long-Lasting Battery

Even Vivo’s battery requires a worthy mention as its 3000mAh battery has the ability to comfortably last for 24 hours of moderate to heavy usage (reminiscent of the old Nokia 3210 days!). Similar to iPhone’s functions on power saving, Vivo also has power saving modes to extend your battery in crucial moments.

Click here to visit Vivo Malaysia’s Official Website: www.vivo.com/my/

Bringing it All Together

When it comes to shopping for a phone that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, why not opt for one of our underrated cheap smartphones that certainly holds its weight in the smartphone industry. With their own innovative technology at prices you can’t beat, the major players of Samsung and Apple will certainly need to be cautious of who could hanging onto their coattails.